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We believe that without motion, there is no change. In order for individuals and teams to transform, movement outside of comfort zones and head-focused leadership is required.

Diverse individuals and startups from the Netherlands and the United States have successfully used our approach to move forward in new and exciting ways.

Our model diverts from traditional leadership training and professional development. We apply neuroscience of physical movement, nature and metaphors with intensive leadership coaching and mindfulness practices.

Together we’ll upgrade your skills and knowledge to advance conscious and embodied leadership in your personal life or organization.

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Follow in the footsteps of Aristotle, Sigmund Freud, Steve Jobs and many other greats with this one habit for improving productivity, health, creativity, and happiness.

For instance, Steve Jobs made a habit of the walking meeting: taking a long walk was his preferred way to have a serious conversation, co-creation and decision making.


At the Core is You – Self Change

Before we can impact change beyond ourselves, we need to gain clarity of how we lead our lives and what drives our actions. Many of us operate from the command center of our heads where we analyze, observe, interpret, assign meaning and also create assumptions, judgments and criticisms. Beyond the head, there is so much more available. We can help you create new habits using vast resources including the body -as the gateway to your core – and the fields of information that surround you.

Friends, Family and Colleagues – Engage Others

When striving for change, one goes farthest with others. How are you engaging your closest circle of influence to build strong relationships, help you where and when you are in need and to extend your reach? We can guide you to hone your ability to ask for and receive support and to find meaningful convergence with others’ paths.

Global, Community – Expand Impact

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” Steve Jobs summed up the ripple effect which occurs when there is a strong connection between one’s core and deliberate action. More and more we are being called upon to play leadership roles in – and further than – our communities. We can co-create your story to inspire others and source on a more global level as you expand your impact.

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What the experts say about us...

Their model describes leadership as an integral quality – not only from the mind or from your vision.

Mies de Koning
Partner at Leadership Development Public Library New York (USA)

Not solving problems by sitting in a room and debating about it, but literally getting outside.

Andrea Busse
Web developer at Netvlies Internet Diensten Breda (NL)

Embody Your Leadership

Priceless!(our gift to you)

Connect to your core

“When you are stuck you have to stand still.”
Perhaps this ancient Chinese saying applies to you: In order for you to move forward, you need to reconnect to your core. Whenever you are experiencing the stickiness or stuckness of the creative process, perhaps you have the tendency to work even harder and try to push yourself through. What are the results? Usually it is better to restore the relationship with yourself in order for creativity to flow again.

This free 15-minute guided audio session will lead you inwards to your senses, your body, your mind, your power.

You can use this body scan as much as you like. We created it to support you in embodying your leadership towards a more self-directed life in alignment with your true nature. You will boost self-care and reinforce the focus and vision you need to proceed.

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Core Connection Circle

$265.00(special New Year pricing)

Lead a more self-directed life

Are you ready to lead a more self-directed life?
The Core Connection Series is a 6-week online personal development program and supportive community of LIKE-MINDED and LIKE-ACTIONED people. Once and for all, you will connect you to YOUR CORE so you can make EMPOWERING DECISIONS in alignment with your TRUEST NATURE.

The Core Connection Series includes:
• The Embody Leadership Assessment
• A weekly live virtual videoconference call
• Core Connection Development Plan
• Membership in a private online community
• Inspiration!

By the time you complete the Core Connection Series, you will know yourself better and be taking deliberate action towards your personal goals.

Next session will be announced in February 2018. Space is limited.

Out in the forest we could clearly see how we operate as a team, what our pitfalls are and what our strengths are. We learned how to really connect to each other on a deeper level and communicate better. Three words that come up: Refreshing, connecting and over all smarter.

Mark Thijssen - Senior Online Strategist

Kate and Marijne are strong and gentle leaders. For me this was a unique combination of inner work, loving connection, the beautiful countryside, and stretching beyond my customary limits of outdoors exercise. I highly recommend the aWALKening Retreat as a way to support your path.

Joanna Rueter - Advance Care Specialist

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